Animed Arad


As a charity we rely only on voluntary donations. You can sponsor products, services or money.

We need:

  • dry and wet food for dogs and cats of all ages and sizes
  • cleaning products
  • money for surgeries and treatments, for fuel, for communications, for equipment, for car repairs, for taxes, for printed materials to promote birth control and adoptions

We have no paid staff. We're all volunteers here.

You can use this bank account to wire Euros (please mention that it is a donation):

S.C. Raiffeisen Bank S.A.
Arad Agency/Agentia Arad
Address of the bank: Arad, Strada Andrei Saguna nr. 1-3, judetul Arad, Romania
IBAN for donations in Euro: RO68 RZBR 0000 0600 1125 7862


As a registered charity Animed Arad offers receipts + sponsoring contracts to cash sponsorisations from companies and only the contracts for bank transfers. We will of course mention you on our website and Facebook pages and groups and post your logo.


Thank you kindly,

Dr. Claudiu Iosim


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