Animed Arad

World Animal Day Grant 2020

We are very grateful to NATUREWATCH FOUNDATION for offering us a grant to spay and neuter 100 dogs and cats in Santana city, Arad county in October 2020. I promoted World Animal Day for a few years and last year they named me ambassador. One of the two Romanian ambassadors of WAD. This year two charities were awarded the World Animal Day Grant and Animed is one of them.

We wish to thank Mr. Laurentiu Blidar, the Santana city hall and fire department for their cooperation and hosting the campaign. Also, we are grateful to Mrs. Betsy Rogers and Tracey Hobbs for the recommendations they offered us to help us obtain this grant.

They helped us prevent the unwanted birth of tens of thousands of pets in a country already struggling with pet overpopulation. This will lead to fewer cases of abandonment in the future and longer, happier, healthier lives for the ones operated.

We will continue spaying.


Dr. Claudiu Iosim

Co-founder & President

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