Animed Arad

Our mission, our life

Birth control is the only effective way of reducing the number of stray dogs and cats.

Therefore, we run a trap-neuter-return program. We are the first and only charity in the city of Arad that runs a TNR program for stray & feral cats and stray dogs.

We receive phone calls from people who feed dogs and cats on the streets and ask us to help them by spaying/neutering the animals they feed. We go to the address they give us and meet with them. Sometimes the dogs allow us to pick them up and put them in our van. Other times we have to use humane traps to catch the dogs. While they are under anesthesia we ear tag them so anyone who will see them on the streets will know that they are fixed already. We keep them at least 24 hours after surgery and then we return them in the care of the ones who called us. 

The caregivers will let us know if the animals will need medical care in the future, for any illness or injury.

We ask for a donation to cover the costs. Sometimes we get it, sometimes we get part of it and sometimes we do not receive any donation because people cannot donate or do not meet with us, only call us to let us know where the animals are. Sometimes we find the animals on our own, without being called by anyone. So, again, no donation for those animals either.

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