Animed Arad


18.11.2016: Thank you: Heidi S. for your 20 Euros, Andrada V. for your 70 Euros, Lavinia B for your 10 Euros. We still need 280 Euros. WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RESCUE ANOTHER STRAY HIT BY A CAR UNTIL WE PAY THIS DEBT TO THE CLINIC. Please help us raise the remaining 280 Euros for Ani and also please help us find a home for her. Thank you very much. ////
08.11.2016: Ani went thru surgery today on both broken legs and is now awake and hungry :) We now must pay the clinic 380 Euros. Can YOU help please? Also, she needs a home <3 If we do not pay the clinic we won't be able to rescue other dogs and cats hit by cars. ///
04.11.2016: Even though we didn't even have money for fuel we went to rescue this stray young female dog who was hit by a car. The X-Rays show that both back legs are broken. She will be operated Tuesday morning. The cost of the legs surgeries is 380 Euros. The spay and hospitalization post surgery are another 100 Euros (the 100 Euros were covered by the man who called us) so we kindly ask for your help again in raising 380 Euros to fix her back legs. She is very nice and calm and deserves better in life than what she got until today <3 As always, our registered animal rescue's PayPal is Thank you so very much.

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